Blocks Rexpansive Builder

Block space

4. On clicking on the “Block Space” icon in the extra tools of the Row you can insert an “invisible” Block into the grid; thanks to this function it is possible to produce creative layouts, arranging the Blocks in a precise way and with the distances you wish.

Block setting

A. As soon as you move the cursor onto a block, actions buttons will appear. By clicking on the button with the gears, a dialogue window will open shown here below through which you can define the different options.

1. By clicking on this button you can insert, or potentially modify, the image present in the block, using as usual the Media Library;

2. With these two selection buttons, you can define the type of image that will be contained in the block, i.e. if “Full” or “Natural”:

A. With “Full” it will take up the whole of the area of the block available;

B. With “Natural” , on the other hand, it will take up the maximum space possible in the block, maintaining the original proportions of the image.

3. Photo Zoom: this selection box allows you to activate or deactivate the zoom on the image present in the block;

4. In this area of the window, it is possible to define the color of the background;

5. With these two options you can define or modify the background video;

6. Thanks to these selection buttons you can define the arrangement of the text in it;

7. In this area of the window you can define the distance of the contents of the margins in a Block; you can specify the distance separately for the four sides, defining the value in pixels or in percentage;

8. Thanks to these instruments you can define any overlay in the Block; This is a really useful function when we have to insert text over the image but how many times does it happen that the title can’t be read because the color is similar to the background photo. Thanks to this function you can create a personalized color ‘veil’ (H), between the image and the text. Finally, you can decide on which device (cell phone, tablet and desktop) to visualize this function activating one of the three selection boxes;

9. In this text box you can specify an external link which to connect your Block to;

10. In this box you can insert the CSS classes to further personalize your Block.

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