Image, Text and Video Rexpansive Builder


To insert photos just click on the “Image” icon to enter your Media Library and you will be able to select one or more photos at the same time (CMD + click or SHIFT + click) after which click on “Select” to add them on. As you can see the photos are inserted on your grid and now all you need to do is enlarge or reduce the photo.By holding down the mouse button on one of the circles at the extremities of your image, you can widen or lengthen the photo and as soon as you have finished just lengthen the photo.


Click on the icon “A” and the WordPress text editor will appear from which you can insert your description. Thanks to the alignment functions (2.1), the system allows you to vertically align the text at the top, in the center or at the bottom. Finally, thanks to the padding (2.2) you can move (pixel o %) your text as you wish.


To insert a Block with a video in it, just click on the “Video” icon found in the extra tools of every Row. On clicking, a dialogue window opens through which you can insert the video, specifying a link to YouTube or selecting it directly from the WordPress Media Library.

After having chosen the format and having confirmed the operation, create the new Block in the Row, which you will be able to manage freely just like the others; to identify the presence of a video in the Block, a specific icon can be pictured.

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