Menu Color Type

It lets you choose the color of the menu, as for each page you can choose whether to set the type menu “light” or “dark” according to your preferences, allowing further customization.

The clear menu background (white, yellow …) and menu links dark-colored (black, …).

Background of the dark menu (black, dark gray) and menu links light-colored (white, yellow …).

Menu Position

It let’s you choose if maintain the menu at the top of the page, or to always view it while scrolling.

The menu stays at the top of the page while scrolling.

The menu remains always visible while scrolling.

Menu Transparent

You can decide which area of the menu make transparent by default.
For a Fixed Menu the areas remain transparent only at the top of the screen, and become colored while scrolling.

Hide Menu on Scroll

This option is active only for a Fixed Menu.
If active, while scrolling downwards the menu slides up and hides, while scrolling upwards the menu slides down and becomes visible.

Menu Dimension

It lets you choose the dimension of the menu.

The menu elements fill the entire width of the screen.

The menu elements will be contained in a certain width, that you can set.

Boxed Menu

This option is active only for a Boxed Menu.
You can choose a boxed dimension.

Unit Measure

This option is active only for a Boxed Menu.
With this option you set the unit measure for the dimension of a Boxed Menu.

Set the dimension in pixels.

Set the dimension in percentage of the screen width.

Update All Boxed Dimensions

This option is active only for a Boxed Menu.
It lets you choose if update all the boxed rows of your pages, according to the Boxed Menu dimension.

Main Menu Height

It lets you set the Menu Main height in pixels. 

Menu Additional Height

It lets you set the Menu Additional height in pixels. 

Lateral Menu

If active the lateral menu button is always visible, otherwise is visible from a certain width of the screen.

Visible from

This option is active only if Lateral Menu is set to Off.
You can insert the pixel width of the screen from which view the Lateral Menu button.

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