Menu Portfolio Categories


It lets you choose which type of menu use in the Menu Portfolio Categories area. For the first two options the menu is created with the portfolio categories.

You use the Portfolio categories to filter the portfolios.

Custom Categories
You use the Portfolio categories with a custom link that you choose.

Custom Links
You put a totally custom menu. To use this option create a menu from Appeareance -> Menu and set Portfolio as its location.


If present, the label will be placed on the left of the Menu Portfolio Categories area, pushing the links to the right.


If active activates a different visualization for the Menu Portfolio Categories for a certain width.

Responsive Label

This option is active only if Responsive is set to On.
If present, add a label to the Responsive visualization. The label it’s put on the left.

Responsive Visible Up To <

This option is active only if Responsive is set to On.
With this option you set the device screen width from which the Responsive type is visible.

Visibile on single portfolio

With this option you choose to view or not the 3° Menu Portfolio Categories on a single portfolio.

All categories label

Set a label for the all categories filter.

All categories icon

Set an icon for the all categories filter.

URL Structure


Allows editing of the url name on portfolio.

Categories Slug

Allows editing of the url name of the portfolio categories.

Category on URL

This option lets you view the category of a single portfolio in its url.

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