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Shortcode for link

Copy and paste “shortcode” inside the text, suggested herein to maintain your theme style. To align, use the WordPress editor functions (left, center, and right), while to color any possible items, use a hexadecimal color (Ex: #000000 for black) inside the selected color.

Shortcodes follow:


[RexButton border_color="#000000" border="2px" text_color="#000000" background_color="transparent" url="http://..." url_type="_self"]ABOUT[/RexButton]

Every button has this properties:

1. border_color: color of the button border;

2. border: dimensions in pixels of the border;

3. text_color: color of the text that appears on the button;

4. background_color: background color of the button;

5. url: link of the button;

6. url_type: specifies where to open the link (_target, _self, …);

7. Inside the [RexButton ...]]BUTTON TEXT[[/RexButton] you can insert the text that you want that appears in the button.

Google Maps

[RexGoogleMap latitude="xxxxx" longitude="xxxx"]

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Contact us

+39 0432 972122

[email protected]


Via Bartolini, 4
33100 Udine / Italy
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Gemona del Friuli (Ud)
Via Monte Cjampon, 81
33013 Gemona del Friuli (Ud) / Italy
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