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Add main, lateral and bottom menu

Please select the “Appearance >> Menus” item, then select “Create a new menu,” and write the name of the main menu inside the textbox, for instance: “menu main top.” Now that the main menu has been created, simply add the pages (on your left) inside the newly-created menu through the “Add to menu” button.

Basically, only in the initial stage, you create a menu and place it in its position, such as: main, lateral, Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3, Footer 4 and Footer 5.

Below more information on menu position layout:

If you want to create a submenu, please follow the same procedure for inserting multiple pages in the main menu and “drag” them below the respective section in which you want to create the submenu. You can create two levels of submenus.


Footer menus

There are five positions for your footer menus. You can create a submenu on footer either, just follow the same procedure for the other menus.


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