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The main setting for each page, portfolio page and article page is the selection of the following parameters:


Thanks to this setting, it is possible to obtain the “Split” type, then the page will be divided in two parts, in which the left part remains fixed while the right side may be scrolled down.
For example, if you want to create a page divided in this way, ie 50% and 50% left-right box, simply set the width of the two boxes on the first line, and the next line you can insert the contents that will be only on the right box , one that will shake down. As if I wanted to change the left box that remains fixed to the scroll, simply go to the first row in the left box and edit the content.


The page will be displayed in a standard way, without locked box, in a nutshell when you will scroll down the left side it will not remain fixed, but if we want to lock the left box to make scrollable only the right side then you need to select “Split”.

Menu Type

A. Here you can choose to split the two-part menu and then “Split” or choose the “Classic” display;

B. Once you have set the type of menu, you can choose the color of belonging, “light” or “dark.”;

C. In this case you can manage the “Split” type menu or even the right menu.

Lateral Menu

For each page you can specify the exact size of lateral menu, or when you open you will be able to manage its size. By default the theme will handle automatically the size by referring to the page settings.

Display Visibility

If you want to make the background transparent background, only when the page is located at the top of the page you will notice that the background fades, while just scrollerai you will notice that the menu background will regain its background color, thanks to this function, the menu will enjoy a good design and good usability.


If you do not want to make the footer visible on a page, any work, simply disable the “visible”.

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