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From the Social Page template you can embed your social posts. Follow these instructions to obtain the necessaries API keys to display correctly your social content.


1. Login to your Facebook account, then go to this link

2. If you have not registered to become a developer you should do that now by pressing the Register Now Button on the page. It’s a quick and easy process to get signed up;

3. From the top-right menu My Apps choose Add a New App;

4. Choose a name for your app, insert an email address and choose the category of the app, then click on Create App ID; enter the security code, then go on;

5. If you don’t see the App dashboard, click on the relative button on the left side;

6. Copy the App ID field and paste in the Facebook API Key field of your RexCreative Options; Click on Show to show the App Secret; copy and paste it in the Facebook API Secret field of your RexCreative Options;

7. Now go on

8. Copy your Facebook Public Page Url from the url bar of your browser and paste it in the text input. Click the “Lookup Facebook ID …” button, wait for the result, copy it and paste in the Facebook User ID field of your RexCreative Options.


1. Login to your Twitter account, then go to this link

2. Click on the button Create New App;

3. Provide a Name, a Description and a Website for your App (in the Website you can insert a placeholder); check the Developer Agreement then click on Create your Twitter application button;

4. If all is correct you will be redirect to the App Dashboard;

5. Go to the Keys and Access Tokens Tab and copy the Consumer API and Consumer Secret fields and paste in the relative fields of the RexCreative Options;

6. Go to the bottom of the page and click Create my access token button;

7. Now copy Access Token and Access Token Secret to the relative fields of the RexCreative Options;

8. Select the number of tweets to visualize and save the options.


1. Login to your Instagram account, the go to this link

2. Click on Manage Clients on the top of the page;

3. Click on Register a New Client button;

4. Fill the application fields; required fields are Application Name, Website URL, Valid redirect URIs and the Captcha; press Register at the end of the page;

5. You will be redirect to the list of your applications; copy the CLIENT ID of the application and paste it in the relative field of the RexCreative Options;

6. Now you must go write a correct link to get your Access Token; the link should look like this
and you must edit it to maintain the correct information of your App; essentially, after the client_id= parameter of the URL you must paste your client ID, and after the redirect_url= parameter you must write the Valid redirect URI you insert when you generate your app; go to the url;

7. If all is correct you will redirect to your redirect url; this url have attached your Access Token in the code parameter ( eg: ); copy it and paste to the relative field on the RexCreative Options;

8. If you have any doubt following this procedure, go to this link ;

9. Now select the number of images you want to visualize, then save the options;


1. Login to your Google account, then go to this link

2. Click on Create Project;

3. Select your Project name and press Create;

4. Wait until the project is create and then you will be redirect on the Library section;

5. Click on Credentials on the left side of the page, then click on the dropdown menu Create credentials and select the API key option;

6. This will open a pop-up with your API key; copy it and paste in the relative field of the RexCreative Options;

7. You can restrict your API key by clicking on the Restrict Key button; you will go to the details of your key, where you can add an HTTP referres (or other options) to restrict the key;

8. Now go to the library section to activate the YouTube API; find the YouTube APIs section and select YouTube Data API;

9. In this section press ENABLE;

10. Now go to your YouTube channel page; in the URL bar you can see this url followed by your channel ID; select and copy it, then paste it in the relative field of the RexCreative Options;

11. Select the number of videos to visualize, then save the options.

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